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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  March 16, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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country. we need to stand together and fight for america. i want to thank you for all your calls. we will have the phone opening in tomorrow morning on washington journal, starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern. you can watch all of c-span's coverage and the conference online good go to www.c- -- online. go to next on c-span, "the communicators." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> a look at some of the booth to see the technology being created this year. mr. massey, what is it that than a makes -- that venom makes? >> it is a security product for
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your mobile device. the idea of data guard is that it is an encrypted network, link between your mobile device and the internet. from grabbinge your wi-fi connection and your data. there's a really big danger with mobile devices could people can read your password and user names -- devices. people can read your password and username and see what you're doing on the web. more and more people are having their data stolen by the data being grabbed on open wi-fi networks. this product stops that. >> so we're looking at a little package here. where is the actual data card? >> the data guard is a andection between a server an apple which you download onto your phone. -- app which you download onto your phone. you downloaded, enter a code which comes in this packaging,
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and away you go. >> is this on the market now. >> it's on the market right now. we are launching it to a number of stores in north america and europe. you can use it to geo-relocate. you're from the states and you go on holiday and you want , you cannetflix connect to a u.s. server. by doing that, you can access all your home-based things when you're on holiday. i like to watch tv from the uk. not a problem. , can connect to a uk server do those things you can't normally access when you're out of the uk. >> are there similar products made by other companies? >> not ones that do what this does. viruses are not the issue on your mobile device. it's people grabbing your network connection and grabbing your data, looking on what
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you're doing. if you use your mobile phone on open network, and when armed it is wire shark -- designed to let people see what other people are doing on their mobile devices. they can see your e-mails, your password. once they have your password, your e-mail account is open forever. they can log in, see what you're doing. a lot of people use the same password for e-mail and banking and online shopping. what's your password is out there, your entire online life is in danger. >> if this has to go through a server, does it slow down operations on your mobile? >> it is meant to do the opposite. fact the data arrives at your phone or device a little bit faster. your experience should be faster than using it. >> what does it cost? >> $14.99.
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you can buy it for six months, three months, or one month. $49.99. an entire year, use it as you wish. >> where are you based? >> in the uk, although venom has an office in minneapolis. >> where in the uk? >> just outside of london. >> where did you come up with the idea to develop this technology? >> we came up with this idea for computers. ,he issue is when you go out you're in starbucks somewhere, and you want to use an open wi- fi network or it you don't know what the guy sitting next to you is doing. these days, people are using mobile devices, ipads, tablets, not so much laptops. we had to develop something to work on tablets and mobile phones.
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getting a connection to work on a mobile device is tough. it took us over a year to develop this product. >> different licensee for every device? >> want to get a license, you can use it. you can install the app -- once you get a license, you can use it -- you can install the app. you can't have it on on more than one device at one time. >> one of the exhibitors here in las vegas is a company called healthy spot. steve is the ceo and founder. what does your company do? >> our vision is to create access to health care throughout the country.
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a brillianthave experience with healthcare, which is unlike what you have had. >> how do you use technology to do that? >> we encompass a lot of technology, which is why the consumer electronics show was interesting. we encompass software connectivity, all combined in a package that is wrapped up to focus on getting you healthy and having a great experience. about everything you see walking through the show, there's a little bu bit of it in health spot. >> you just won an award? >> we did, popular science future product of the year. .t is an honor we worked fairly hard to understand consumers and their needs in healthcare, and the financial models and identifying how we can fix those problems. >> steve cashman, walk us through what happens. >> imagine this.
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you woke up, you don't feel well. you have an idea what you have. you have a couple options. you go on your iphone. look for the closest health spot, pick a dock, type in what you're conditions are. we already have your insurance card stored in the cloud. all that normal sitting in the waiting room is gone. now that you found a health spot, you're going to walk in, walk up to a health spot station. when you come in, you're going to go right in there and find, i'm a returning patient. i can come up to this, go through my normal disclosures. right away we can identify you by your phone number. once that is done and we know you're here, there is an attendant who will greet you and bring you into the unit. i will have lisa do a demo. >> i'm going to check in with a
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fever today. symptoms or the patient experiences, i'm going to check in here. it is also going to ask me if any of my information has changed. i hit no. any health conditions, issues i have. allergic to aspirin. and my insurance information. nothing changed there. a medical attendant will always be present with the unit, and they will go ahead and take my co-pay. the system went out and the software and found all the available plummets. it found there is an appointment for noon -- appointments. it found that there is an appointment for noon. i'm going to check in. the last part is a medical
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attendant will verify that i am who i say i am, with my license and id. it will go ahead and pull that andand show my license then we will go ahead and walk into the station there. a medical attendant will be here at all times to initiate the vital process. we will do that here. the vital process is height, weight, blood pressure, temperature. i'm going to go ahead and enter my height. i am 5'8". my weight, i will step on the scale here. go ahead and move around. go ahead and step on the scale. it is going to count my weight here.
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going to take my temperature, the last part of the vital process. this is a thermometer. going to stick it in my ear. i'm going to select, take temperature. here is our videoconference. that hemy data again sees and i see as we have our visit. good morning. >> welcome to the health spot station. >> thank you. >> i checked in with a fever today. wesince you have a fever, can look at your ears, nose, throat. that looks pretty good. , i have thedeo feed ability to capture a snapshot of that and store that to your
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patient records sought a later date we can review it if you need to monitor the progress are hopefully get you better. -- or hopefully we get you better. >> is that your eardrum? >> yes. imagine how great this is. you get to see if your eardrum is infected or if there is something wrong. the physician can talk to that, and say, here is where -- we have never been able to do that before. it's so exciting. the next advice we have is a term scope. this is another -- dermoscope. this is useful in the treatment of conditions such as pinkeye. looks really good. skin conditions here. the next device we have if
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the stethoscope. -- is the stethoscope. it transmits the patient's breath and heart sounds real time to the provider. >> i'm going to turn this on. ok. through bluetooth technology, this device is connected to a pc through the cloud and he is actually able to hear my heartbeat in columbus, ohio through this device. >> who would buy this product? >> any everyday retail location i would like to put this as a value add, allowing consumers to be treated by their doctors. pharmacy. .rocery store ca, a player site imagine this, i have a-year-old. i would take him to the doctor. -- employer site. imagine this, i have a four-
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year-old. i would take him to the doctor. he would be prescribed a prescription to that pharmacy. we pick it up, and be done. you think of urgent care visits , and going to the doctor today and the time rate it's just not convenient. this is a convenient way to get access to healthcare -- time. it's just not convenient. this is a convenient way to get access to healthcare. >> i'm a tech startup guy. i've got it in my blood, fixing problems using technology. the idea,e up with my wife and four kids, we are always dealing with the kids with something. i went through that process, i have been amazed to think about all of the overhead you have sitting at a cvs, for example, or in urgent care. also, when you look at healthcare and the president said has on tv today and the
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affordable care act and 30 -- presence it has on tv today and the affordable care act and 30 million people, we have to find a solution to the problem. i was blessed with being a technology entrepreneur. i went to work to say, how can we solve this problem? we started with focus groups. we got a room full of consumers and asked them, what do you think of healthcare? all these items. you get a lot of frustration. we started looking at shaving away the layers of that onion to see how we can solve the problem. here's what we came up with. we kept iterating what consumers -- we looked at, how do we divide a tool for doctors to evolve their proces practice. >> what does this cost? >> equal or less than your
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healthcare appointment in america today. ist health spot is doing building a healthcare access network across the nation. we're going to put thousands of these blue pots all across the country, and were going to partner with doctors and health- care system to create access to care for you. consumers will pay what they pay for a health upon men today or -- appointment today or possibly less. we don't sell that unit. i want a consistent experience. i want a health spot appointment to be brilliant every time you have a health spot appointment. we don't sell that pod. we put it out there and create a network. retailers, they're going to pay us $1000 a month to have this in their store, all the software and everything that goes with it, and we support maintenance. very small. you can provide the best
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healthcare in the world to your customers. >> was there a regulatory process for the health spot? >> there is. today you have to really challenges with healthcare. challengesly big with healthcare. every doctor is licensed in their state. senator udall and thompson have put together bills which put together a 50 state telemedicine license. the other challenge is reimbursement. health insurance companies have questions not necessarily help spot, but some of the industry, do we lower the bar too far -- help spot, but some of the industry, and we lower the bar too far? mandatory reimbursement across the 50 states is not there. those are some of the regulatory
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issues. they are being attacked pretty aggressively by some of our folks in government. >> there is a corporation in rochester, new york that has developed some award-winning technology. what is this technology? >> this is called the m-100. is an accessory for your cellular phone or smartphone. it enhances your smart phone experience. has an onboard processor. you can run apps on their by itself. it runs through android. thereal power there is synergy between the device and your smart phone. you can do something like this. controlling your smart phone through this, and you would see this on the top screen over here. this is a regular app. you can download it from our website,
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it has a built in camera on front here. you do augmented reality applications. and basically what we call information. it's a hands-free device to get phone calls. whoever is calling you, either take the call, don't. put it likeally this with a headset. it's over your eye, like this. what is one seeing when one is looking through their? a video. you might see desktop or your app selections. you can interact with voice commands to run apps. there are a couple buttons appear you can toggle with, or use your phone. we're going to try to look through the camera and see if we can see that. if the 3-d video? >> -- is it 3-d video?
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>> no. it's 2-d. information snacking is important here. let's say you want to look up a isck price -- snagging important here. let's say you want to look up a stock price. just a simple voice command, show me this stock. say you needed directions somewhere. up top, arrows telling you where to go. maybe want to go to your favorite restaurant but you don't know where it is. arrows can direct you in overlay like on a map on the device. >> what do you call it? >> m-100. >> what does the "m" stands for? >> i do not know. >> is this on the market? >> not yet. >> how long was it in development? >> the company has been around for many years. this is an evolution of our product great we have several
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other products. product. we have several other products. >> where is it manufactured? >> rochester, new york. if the corporation. it won?ards has on >> i can show you over here. and engineering award, innovation. for handheld accessories. >> "the communicators" is on location in las vegas. one of the most talked about and look at items here at ces international 2013 is made by a company called maker bot.
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?hat are we looking at here >> the next industrial revolution. an innovation company. we empower people to innovate so they can change the future. >> that said, what are we looking at as far as equipment? >> what we have here at ces this year -- this is our fourth year -- the next generation of maker bot 3-d printers. we have the maker bot replicator two, a desktop 3-d printer optimized to use the material pla, a renewable bio product. analso have the 2-x, experimental 3-d printer optimized for more challenging a.b.s. material. itse empower people -- works by building up layers of
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plastic until your model is done, and then you take it out of the maker bot. this printer is actually working right now, correct? it is a 3-d model, and it's cooling down. it is a two color 3-d printer. it makes things in multiple colors. it is a wonderful peas of machinery for anybody who is creative. >> is printer a misnomer? >> it's confusing to people, but a 3-d printer works similarly to a 2-d printer. with a 3-d printer, you take a 3-d model that is virtual on your screen and you make it a physical 3-d model. engineers, industrial designers, architects, they just get this. they have been using this type
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of technology for a long time on and now theyide, have access to it and can have it on their desktop. they can make prototypes. if they don't like the way looks, they don't have to show their boss. they can throw it away and make another one. it allows innovators to iterate so they can make a model and they can make another one. and then they can make another one. in the old days, this would take a month to make a model. you could iterate multiple times a year. with a maker bot, you can iterate multifil multiple times. are these other models doing the same thing? >> this is our bot farm. this is a wall of replicator maker bot. when it's done, we give more weight to people here at ces. that is one of the powers of a maker bot. when you make it, the material
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is so affordable. the machine is so affordable. if somebody likes it, you'll give it to them. the budget friends like the things you designed, maybe you should start a business -- if you have friends who like the busines things you designed, mau should start a business. chris has a copy called square helper. you can buy his maker bot made product at the square allows people to swipe credit cards and fits into the headphone jack. can'tns around, and you use it backwards. he made a little thing that goes between there. .ery simple he was going to go the traditional route, he would've $10,000pend $6,000 to and go with injection molding, and would take in three to six months to go to market. with a maker bot, when there is a new ipad, he can go ahead and change his designed and the next
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day he can be making his product for the next generation of ipads. this ability to be flexible, to be able to bring something to market really quickly, to be able to make the thing you need right now on your desktop is the power of the maker bot. this power, when you make things, you get this feeling of a compliment. the feeling you get is the feeling you get when you're participating in the next industrial revolution. it's a feeling that you can make a difference in the world, with the things that you make, you can share them with the world. >> what does the maker bot cost? to get into it. the material is about $50 a kilogram. it is super affordable. get one, make things, change the world. it's going to be a blast. the world is changing. >> where are they made?
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>> we make maker bots in brooklyn. all maker bots are assembled tribe. attitude of making things, things that you love. maker bot is such a special machine and it requires people making it the care about it. >> what is this material? >> this is maker bot plastic. we have two kinds of material, makerobbot a. b.s. a.b.s. is for the replicator 2- x. >> it's about the thickness of spaghetti. >> we joke that it is like noodles. that is the material you feed into the machine. >> what is in your hand?
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ford engine v-6 block. fort sent this to us. us.ord sent this to it's an actual model for a six cylinder engine that i scaled down and made on my maker bot. i'm a total gearhead. i love this model. i love engines. i have taken engines apart and put them back together, but i've never seen the inside of an engine because i would have to sought in half -- saw it in half and it's made of iron, right? but on my maker bot, i can see all the different laces, where . getting a maker bot is also educational. how things are made, and the manufacturing process, and in the world around them. >> are you the inventor? >> you can blame me.
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>> where did you come up with the idea? >> 3-d printers have been around for 25 years, but they were mainframe sized machines that were really expensive. i wanted one, but i couldn't afford one. some friends and i got together and we started tinkering. when it worked, we quit our jobs and started maker bot so everyone could have one of these. the founder of maker bot, ceo of the maker bot corporation out of brooklyn, new york. one of the hottest products here on the floor of ces. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] tomorrow, robert costa, washington editor talks about
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the future of the republican party and the conservative political action conference. "he cohost of msnbc "the cycle will discuss politics and news of the day. irving lecture looks at the growing threat of cyber attacks -- lachow looks at the growing threat of cyber attacks in the u.s.. been selected in this year's student cam documentary competition on the theme, your message to the president. the grand prize winner is john stokes. -- josh stokes. his video was on unemployment in america. , from farragut middle school, won first prize for their documentary on transportation. see all the documentaries at student


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